LightFix "mini" Scania edition

Shining star... holder!

Having real addons in the game is a big plus for me. It's almost the same as having real truck brands, not the made up ones like 'Majestic'. At this point, I have to admit, that today was the first time I heard about LightFix. After...

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Volvo FH 2013 Roof Grill (Sleeper cab) by ohaha

Engineering at its best

Noticed how there's only four roof bars for the smallest Volvo cab in the vanilla game? Thanks to ohaha, we now have another option available. And, it's not just a roof bar - it's...

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Hella Luminator Led


You know that feeling that you're near perfection, but can't really get it right...? It happens with trucks, too. Up until now it was impossible to achieve perfection. Not anymore, though! Because this is exactly what's...

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LightFix "mini" Volvo FH16 2012 2013 edition

Detail. Quality. Looks

Looking for a front bar to put yer lights on? Does it have to be extremely good looking, high quality made and detailed? Look no further. 'Cause you just found it! It will fit your truck perfectly and increase its...

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SISU R500, C500 and C600

SISU R500, C500 and C600 trucks for ETS2 version 1.19   Content list and other features:

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THW Skin Pack

This mod was created while developing and testing ETS2 Studio. It's my first excursion into the world of skin making. Thus, I chose a simple design. Another reason for choosing THW is, that I...

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Flare Pack v2.0

Quite simple mod that removes the "halo" effect from around the lights in game. Logically this will make lights a bit less visible.It works fine on all versions so far, however there are some bugs. If you want you can...

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J.Peeters & Zn. Paintjob for Scania T

This mod adds J.Peeters & Zn. Paintjob for Scania T by RJL. In order to paint your truck with this paintjob your truck will need to have the following parts installed:  Cabin: Topline...

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Easy money mod

When creating a new profile you start with 2.000 EUR, GBP etc. With this mod you have 4 different money options; 100000, 150000,500000 and 1000000 You must...

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